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Spectrum Helps You Cut through the Compression Confusion

Compression therapy products come in many forms with many product options. Depending on the specific details of your condition, we can help match you up with the best compression therapy products, compression garments, and compression regiments that will get you the most relief. We have simplified and organized your compression therapy product options to make choosing the best product as easy as possible.

Spectrum Healthcare Inc. is a leading distributor of Compression Therapy Products for patients, doctors, and nurses. To order compression therapy products, please call us at (888) 210-5576.

Compression Pumps

Once only administered in hospitals and clinics, compression pumps and sleeves are now available to the public and serve as a convenient and highly effective home remedy. Non-invasive, easy to use, compression therapy products have a longstanding history of effectively treating the many painful symptoms caused by vascular and circulatory disorders.

Compression Wraps

Compression Wraps & Bandaging: Control swelling and blood flow

We offer a wide range of leg compression wraps varying in size, shape, and elasticity. Compression wraps are a simple but effective method to treat any number of symptoms and effectively control swelling and blood flow in specific areas of the body.