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Compression Wraps for Legs

Compression wraps are bandages that help control swelling when used with correct assessment, application, and fit by the patient or caregiver, along with compliance and mobility of the patient. Compression to the lower extremities is used to increase the healing of venous stasis ulcers by improving the blood supply and reducing edema and distension.

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CircAid Wrap: Juxta-Fit

The JuxtaFit premium leg garment is an adjustable compression device for optimizing and maintaining therapy results achieved in the decongestion phase.

CircAid Wrap: Juxta Lite

The JuxtaLite is an adjustable compression device for those patients who have challenges with the established round knitted compression stockings for venous diseases.

CompreFit BK

The SIGVARIS CompreFit Below Knee is an affordable, easy to use, and effective non-elastic compression wrap.

CompreFlex Transition

Lightweight, breathable, and easy to slide on the SIGVARIS CompreFLEX Transition (formerly Compreflex Lite) works well for patients who need higher compression and containment but need a product that is easier to get on than compression stockings.

Farrow Wrap Classic, Lite & Liners

Farrow Wrap™ compression wraps for legs provide unique compression for all patients, especially those who are not able to wear compression stockings.

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What pressure do I need?

Compression wraps are available in elastic or non-elastic and in single to multilayer systems requiring varying types of application and exerting different levels of compression. Elimination of edema is so basic and important to venous ulcer healing that the most effective level of compression should be used.

Controversy exists regarding the most effective sub-bandage pressure (ranging from 20 mm Hg to 45 mm Hg) for timely healing. Because of differences in compression leg wraps, selection of the most effective and efficient compression wraps for legs can be difficult. The purpose of this integrated review was to determine the healing rates of venous ulcers with various compression wraps.