Farrow Wrap™ Classic, Lite & Liners


Farrow Wrap™ compression wraps for legs provide unique compression for all patients, especially those who are not able to wear compression stockings. Short stretch technology is what makes Farrow Wraps different. Short-stretch is a safe and effective technology. It enables lower resting compression levels and higher working compression levels. These compression wraps mimic calf muscle pump action and help to improve venous return. They provide more compression when needed and less when it’s not.

Farrow Wrap is easy to get on and off. If the patient can reach the top of their foot they can get the Farrow Wrap on and off. If the patient cannot, but has a family member or a friend who can reach their feet, they can easily get Farrow Wraps on and off.

Farrow Wrap™ uses bands, so there is no dragging of material up and down a leg, which decreases the likelihood of tearing the skin. Because the Farrow Wrap™ uses bands, it can also accommodate additional swelling without elevating the limb or visiting the doctor.

The Farrow Wraps resist rolling or sliding down the leg, and so they will work on patients with hourglass-shaped legs providing reliable compression. If the patient has only leg edema, a knee-high Farrow Wrap™ is all they need. The Farrow Wrap™ should last at least six months with the proper care, and may last longer.

Farrow Wrap Liners come in The Silver, Regular, and Farrow Hybrid liners are all made with X-Static Silver and create an anti-microbial barrier, reducing the risk of infection and odor.

Key Features of Farrow Wrap Classic

  • For patients with moderate-to-severe edema
  • Stiffer composition provides greater control of edema
  • No extra cost required should a patient require a custom-made Farrow Wrap Classic
  • Provides 20-30 mmHg of pressure

Key Features of Farrow Wrap Lite

  • For wound care patients and patients with mild-to-moderate edema
  • Thin, cool, and machine washable
  • No extra cost required should a patient require a custom-made Farrow Wrap Lite.
  • Provides 10-20 mmHg of pressure

other products

Biacare: CompreFit BK

The CompreFit is an all new, non-elastic lower extremity garment that provides 30-40 mmHg gradient compression. Easier to put on than elastic stockings with similar compression, the CompreFit promotes a high rate of compliance.

CircAid Wrap: Juxta Lite

The CircAid Wrap Juxta-Lock (alternating) Band System allows for a quick and easy application and minimal adjustments that help maintain compression levels and comfortable fit.

Circaid Wrap: Juxta-Fit™

The Juxta-Fit CircAid wrap is unlike any of the other available compression wraps in that they provide clinically proven, inelastic, adjustable and thereby sustainable compression in the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. 


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